Today, thousands of women are advertising in the world of the internet to provide their services as a companion. For many years, this type of business has been one of the most requested in hundreds of countries. You have the availability to enjoy women, either virtually or personally, discreetly and professionally.

Escorts services is a company where they present the most beautiful and sexy women, where they offer sexual services. It is a kind of meeting where colleagues meet. It can be a hotel, home, or even in the companion's house. You have the option to choose between blonde, redhead, brunette, mature, young women, among others.

They are women capable of offering the best sexual services, those men willing to have an unforgettable adventure. You will have erotic services, sex positions, orgies, anal sex, oral sex, sexual massages, threesomes, BDSM. In most countries, this service is available, with the function of meeting men's needs.

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You can also meet other companies that offer ladies to stay for an extended period. That means that the companion can spend a whole night with you, or you can even take her on a trip. To have a woman, you must make reservations and payments in advance with the escort in charge of the company.

But not everything is sex. There are escort agencies that only send women for conversations instead of sex. The laws of prostitution are not like before, everything has changed, and they have prohibited payments for sex to several companies of this type. It is true that in most countries, prostitution is legal and has been considered a profession.

Not everything is rosy. Some countries do not accept this work under any circumstances.

 It is a punishable offense. It is known as human trafficking and is considered a great crime for society and is sentenced with a "death penalty." For that reason, advertisements for company ladies are no longer so direct. They do not specify sexual services.

For example, in India, this profession is well known and is legal. What they do not support in that country is pimping. In Mexico, there is a law that prohibits offering sexual services of a person, against their own will. This crime in this country, the person who is in charge of committing human trafficking, can pay a sentence of 23 years.

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Now, you have the option to have a great time and enjoy incredible women, who will be willing to fulfill your fantasies. You can count on the best sites, where they will show you the most requested and popular women, where you will have an attractive touch. There are agencies for the high class, with various exceptional services and at a quite expensive price.

The highest quality escort is not very difficult to find, since they are only found in the best agencies. That means that the rates are high but still provide a super fun and fascinating service. If you like mature escorts, most agencies work with women like that, so that men can make their own choice.

For you to know a little more about this service, an escort can have rates between €200 to €300. That is equivalent to about $ 366,725, since an escort's sexual services are very different from other services offered by other women.